How to Start a Limo Business in New York City

Beginning a New York City limo business can be a quite easy if you have the appropriate resources with you. However, it can be a quite challenging if you don’t have relevant resources prepared. One successful limo company comprises much more than just roaming around the world. It includes punctuality, professionalism, great attention, and exceptional services to detail.

Plus, it also involves daintiness and refinement to accomplish security. To be successful in the field of limo business, it also required having a little knowledge of auto repair in order to disruption when transporting your clients.


It’s an essential part of your limo business. Before going out and purchasing a fleet for your business, you need to decide how you want to operate your limo business. If you have decided to subcontract your company to another limo business that already has required limousines, the need of limo can be eliminated. If you aim to secure your limos for your company, you have to look after your transaction.

A good limo should be new and in clean condition. So instead of leasing, try to purchase your limo to prevent mileage fees and restrictions. A Lincoln Town car and a ten passenger variety is a good option to start a New York City limo business.


Insurance your limo business is very essential, unconcerned of how it works. For a better safety, you need to hire a livery insurance policy and a general business insurance policy. The livery insurance policy grants a functional protection to your fleet of limousines. The general business insurance policy includes business contracts, business interruptions, liquor liabilities, and employees compensation.

These policies also provide insurance for your passengers and drivers of your fleet, protection from injuries and damages that may cause due to the fault of passengers or drivers. Therefore, prior to your purchase, make sure you secure your insurance.

Marketing and business cards

This kind of business involves seasonal variations, with the topmost sales happened during the wedding and prom seasons. Your business needs to be steady and year-round clientele to maintain your limo business successfully. Here, your marketing strategies and business cards become important. It’s essential to have marketing resources in order to enhance your business.


You will need a federal tax identification number for your business which is circulated by the Internal Revenue Service. IRS required this number in order to report tax payments and in order to accomplish your year-end tax filing. If you want to establish a credit and secure finance for your limousine company, you will need a DUNS number. This number is used by institutions and lenders to outline payment history and credit activity.


Your business should also need a business banking account to operate operation expenses and client payments. It’s essential to have that potential to accept payments through credit cards because now this has become the common payment practice in the business world. These types of payments delivers the client with security and delivers guaranteed payments for your business.