Guide to deal with Chinese Travel Agencies 

China has a historical cultural background, with 5,000 years of record history! For thousands of years, the country remains relatively isolated, from one king to the next to the next. One of the most popular ruling families is a family, which has gifted the world’s great wall with China and the Toronto Army. As it is Bacon of ancient history, China continues according to the modern world. Highways are building daily, traditions are re-written, social and economic reforms are implemented. Passengers will not only find gateways in the past, but will catch a glimpse of future. To visit China, you can find the top things to visit, the best time to visit, and what types of visa you need. When you are ready for a lifetime journey, compare China with cheap flights and go with all your heart.

China’s official language is standard radar, which is in early Beijing. However, many autonomous regions in China, such as Hong Kong and Macao are official languages ​​that are different from Mainland, such as Cantonese or English. StudentUniverse Tip: When you take a taxi, make sure your driver’s name is written in Chinese characters for your driver. While Chinese languages ​​are spoken differently, the language written is the same.

China’s national currency yuan, or renminbi (literally translated “people’s currency”). ATM machines are everywhere and they typically distribute 100RMB bills. Credit cards are used only in hotels or large restaurants and stores, so how much money you have to hand over the hand. Make sure you always tip into those guests or travel businesses such as a work driver or your tour guide. They typing for their income. StudentUniverse Tip: There are no typing policies in many organizations (such as Restaurants and Massage Studio) – Make sure you do not tip in those places because it can be viewed as a disorder.

Throw all your Le Out-Out menu concepts of Chinese food, the real thing is far more than any Western perspective! China’s “Eat Meal” is Anoi, Canteen, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Jijj. Each region has its taste and characteristics. Make sure you are actually directly from Beijing and Beijing (Beijing and one of China’s national dishes) of sweet and sour lime, viton, pumping, tea mine, spring roll, and indeed unhealthy packing. Make it

You might feel that in this style there is more conservative worship in China, but it is not related to any clear social or religious rules. On the beach you will find some extraordinary dress, and when you go out at night, the helmines do not work much more. It is said, you will find many fashion options in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Overall, be aware of yourself and make sure your clothes are clean and suitable wherever you live, and you should not be angry with anyone. StudentUniverse Tip: China’s people love color red, because they believe this is a symbol of luck and lucky. You will say it every year during the Spring Festival.

Some daily cultural differences can surprise the foreigners, so it is best to address them before crossing the borders: Usually smoking is common in common places (including restaurants), any of the throws in the street It is not as unusual or mischievous, it is traditional to bring home or a small gift – the empty hand does not come! Traveling in China is a learning experience, so do not panic on every single mistake.