Goa: Beach, Sun, and Sea

Goa has been a favorite gateway for everyone, especially for the people from Maharashtra. It has beautiful beaches and reaches to Maharashtra from the north and stretches up to Karnataka in the south. The east to this city is the beautiful Arabian Sea which also forms its west coastline.

Goa, the smallest state in India, has a reputation for being an ideal party destination. It has a lot to offer for everyone visiting this place, irrespective of the age and gender. One can enjoy the salty air in the beaches, delicious seafood and a lot of cultural heritage.

Goa is today divided into North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is mostly preferred by the young crowd, wherein, one can enjoy the beaches and chill around the shacks. South Goa is more popular for a peaceful stay away from the city by the ocean. Therefore, Goa is a perfect holiday recipe for people from all stage of life and is a famous holiday destination for people worldwide.

Some of the Must – see places in Goa are:

Bom Jesus Basilica: This church comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the oldest churches present in the country. This church is one of the finest examples of the Baroque architecture and was formally consecrated in the year 1605. It is one of the best places to see in Goa.

This church is a pilgrimage for the Christians from across the world wherein, the human body of St. Francis Xavier is preserved. One can offer their prayers in the church and enjoy the serene environment.

Chapora Fort: This is one of the captivating sites to visit when in Goa. The fort is situated above the Chapora River which is in Bardez. This place has witnessed the passage of time through ages. This place has changed hands from Portuguese to Marathas. This structure of this fort belongs to the 18th century and is surrounded by bastions, red laterite stones, cylinder shaped turrets.

This fort is in the middle of the city and hence one can get a view of the whole Goa from there. One can book Car rental in Goa and enjoy the view from the fort.

Spice Plantations Visit: This is an ultimate place to visit if one wants to visit some place beyond the beaches and the forts. One can opt for packages to visit this place. The package here includes exploration of the surroundings which will bring about a refreshing change to one’s life.

One can also learn about the makings of the Indian spices here. You can also make a picnic out of this and enjoy the day with your family and loved ones. One can hire Cabs in Goa service and visit this place.

One can also take an Indian Culture tour in Goa and enjoy the Konkan as well as the Portuguese culture. This trip will take you to back to time and one can enjoy the amazing and magnificent beauty of the structures that stand tall as a pillar of the Indian Heritage. This trip includes from visiting the small structures to the big ones which are significant in the history of Goa culture.

Goa is the perfect holiday destination is one of the must go places in India. One can enjoy the beaches can come back with not just memories of salty hair and sun kissed skin but also with newly rejuvenated self. One can easily shift from South Goa to North Goa by just booking a taxi in Goa and enjoy both the raw beauty of the beaches and the market place and shacks of North Goa.