Business Rules and Laws

What is Business?

An organization or economic system where the exchange of goods and services occur for the sake of money or any legal activity which is performed to earn a profit is known as business. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis to make a profit.

Business can be privately run or can be state owned. An example of a corporate business is Pepsi Co. Some types of businesses are listed below:

  • Service Business
  • Merchandising Business
  • Manufacturing Business
  • Hybrid Business

Business is a legal activity, but before starting any business some rules and laws should be kept in mind. It may be helpful for a successful business.

Rules and Laws for Business in UAE

One of the first things you need to find out when you are starting is what rules apply to your new business. As a business owner, you should be aware of standards and regulations. You may consult a legal professional to help you with all legal requirements that you must obey. Some rules and laws for business are listed below:

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Business Registration

All around the world all business owners have to register their business before launching it. There are a variety of taxes that can imply on your business requirement for the record. These may include:

  • A Country Business Number
  • The Goods and Service Tax
  • Pay as you go withholding

Regulatory Laws

Administrative rules are principles that affect how businesses operate in specific situations. While most of the rules monitor all of the business in some ways, there are some categories of regulations that apply more to certain industries than others. These include environmental laws and building code regulations set forth by the federal government and state governments.

Foreign Investment Law

This law helps to remove a large part of monitoring and managerial hurdles to attracting more foreign and Arab for direct investment. It creates a unified regulatory framework for foreign investment regarding regulating investment procedures, licensing and registration. The law deals with advantages, tax exemptions and guarantees for foreign investors, and their rights and obligations.

Competition Law

This rule is predicted to free the national economy from all illegal practices that severely affects its efficiency, including nominations. It is preparing in line with references made by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in its last review of UAE’s trade policy.

The law offers a conducive environment for businesses to promote productivity, effectiveness, consumer welfare and maintainable development in the country.

Law on Certificate of Origin

Its aim is to reorganize regulations affecting to the rules of a certificate of origin, based on progress achieved in this area. It permits Ministry of Economy to impose penalties and fines on those issuing fake documents, certificates or data.

New Federal Law on Commercial Companies

This new federal law on commercial companies makes it compulsory for all businesses to develop a general framework for corporate authority to confirm protection of shareholder rights, disclose financial data, achieve transparency and improve efficiency and reliability of company’s director board.

New Law on Commercial Arbitration

This law will be applicable in resolving commercial clashes. According to this law, civil cases will be heard by civil courts of respective Emirates, while the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal will hear international case disputes. The law is in line with international arbitration principles, particularly the Model Law of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.

Tax Laws        

Tax laws control how a business reports its financial status to the government. For example, the IRS, states many different methods that companies must use when reporting income and expenses. The growth method of accounting requires for business over a certain size and reduction schedule must be chosen from a limited number of options, and additional methods have their regulations. Many of these laws are in agreement with generally accepted accounting principles, but some are prominent deviations, such as government allowed reduction schedules.

Rules for Desert Safari

The Road and Transport Authority and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing make a law for Desert Safari Dubai drivers to obtain the Desert Guide permit from the department of Tourism which allows them to apply for any of Morning Safari Dubai or Evening Safari Dubai Driving licenses at RTA.

The new laws focus on the implementation of environmentally defensible practices. Khalid Bin Touq, executive director, Tourism Activities & Classification Sector, said, “Close to 20 per cent of all tourists who visit Dubai include a desert experience as part of their agenda and desert-based activities have consistently ranked amongst the top 10 must-dos in Dubai.

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