Bed, Breakfast, and Gardens

Looking for a place to stay that focuses as much on their outdoor space as they do about their interior?  We wanted to get to the root of what makes a spectacular garden, so we went out on a limb and searched high and low for some of the best B&B gardens throughout the country.   We definitely came up with some prizewinners.

Vintage Towers

While this quaint B&B boasts beautiful architecture and a rich history, it’s the outside that truly makes a statement.  Located in Cloverdale, California, the temperatures during the day are normally warm with low humidity.  In order to make a more enjoyable stay for their guests, the owners created an inviting garden that is overflowing with greenery and brightly colored flowers.  A large veranda and gazebo are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery.  However, the thing that sets them apart is their Green Getaways.  Individuals can come to Vintage Towers and learn how to be a locovore, or someone who buys and eats local and sustainable food.  Their workshops offer classes about wine and organic produce gardens; they till it as it is when it comes to food sustainability.

The Orchid Inn

A peaceful stay isn’t the only thing you’ll get at The Orchid Inn in Door County, Wisconsin; their expansive gardens are more than just a place to enjoy your morning coffee. Located just steps from the main inn, a series of greenhouses and gardens have transformed the property into a complete nursery.  Individuals can purchase gardening equipment and wander through a series of different plants.  In addition to the greenhouses, the inn provides a wedding garden.  It’s complete with an aisle and a large terrace.  For those who don’t want or cantaloupe, The Orchid Inn provides the perfect place for a ceremony.

Historic Skagway Inn

Okay, who doesn’t want to enjoy the scenery of Alaska while learning how to use local plants to create some delicious dishes?  The Historic Skagway Inn is located in Alaska and boasts a gourmet restaurant.  In order to provide a unique experience, they initiated a culinary exploration that is available to their guests.  This inn works over-thyme to bring guests hands on cooking experience.  Participants hunt for all the ingredients throughout the inn’s expansive gardens and are shown how to integrate them into manageable recipes.  The end result is a four course meal and the capability of using garden ingredients in delicious home-cooked meals.

Rock Cottage Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, thistle do nicely.  Guests can enjoy their own private garden at these cozy cottages in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  These rock cottages are separated by quaint white picket fences, each filled with flowers and shrubbery.  Fire pits create a warm and cozy ambiance, tucked away in the secluded section of each cottage.  Whether guests feel like wandering or enjoying their own portion of paradise, these beautiful gardens are the perfect place for relaxation- which is something this inn doesn’t seem to joke orchid about.

Old Monterey Inn

One hundred trees fill the acre of property at Old Monterey Inn, residing in Monterey, California.  One hundred!  That is a lot of trees, creating a true garden of weedin’.  This garden rose to its current level of luxury over thyme, since first being built back in 1929.  The winding pathways lead throughout the property, along lighted pathways and shady trees.  A variety of tables are set up to provide intimate spaces for guests out on a romantic getaway.  Speaking of romance, the gardens are often used for small wedding ceremonies and provide a beautiful backdrop to anyone’s special day.

And there we have it…these lodging establishments boast some of our favorite outdoor spaces.  Individuals can turnip and enjoy the serene and peaceful settings that come with these different B&Bs.

Andy Johnson is a lifelong adventurer.  When he isn’t working on his Adventure Magazine,, he can be found looking for another adventure destination.  He is at home in the deserts of the American Southwest and is often in the company of his dog Disco or daughter Marina.