Make your Business Meeting Successful in Serena Hotel Swat

Call your business clients, corporate friends and other business guests in Serena hotel Swat this time. It will be a great opportunity for you to entertain your guests in the high-class hotel and make your business meeting successful. To invite your guests, in the Serena Swat, you can call Travel Club team. They will arrange your business meeting, conference or other business events in the hotel by booking in advance. You just have to pick the business documents and think about the success of the meeting. To your guests or business clients, you can provide Swat Serena hotel contact number. This will save them from hassle.

Reception and Protocol for Business Clients in Serena Hotel Swat

Receive your guests in the huge reception hall of the Serena hotel in Swat. The management will help you and arrange each and everything to provide a special protocol to your esteem guests or corporate clients. They will provide all the facilities to make your business meeting successful. Your clients will feel very special due to the way, staff welcomes them. In the hotel lobby, the special staff will be there to guide your clients to the meeting room.

They will be served with the drinks and refreshment. In the meeting room, the guests can get plain water on their table and it is complementary.

Amenities in the Meeting Room of Swat Serena Hotel

Meeting room is a great draw to the hotel for your business. A meeting room should contain more than common tables and chairs. The meeting room in Serena hotel Swat does not contain the traditional furniture or equipment such as Wi-Fi, chairs and tables. The high-quality meeting rooms are exclusively decorated with the modern items that you are using in your shared office, or co-working space. It is highly suitable for the all types of business meetings, conferences, startups, professional, freelancers and many more. You can use these rooms for workshops, presentations, pitches and meetings.

  • Quiet and Privacy
  • Wired Internet connection
  • Wi-Fi password
  • Power outlets
  • Access to coffee and water
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Fresh markers and white boards
  • Speakers
  • Large monitors
  • Conference all phone
  • Projector
  • Screen

Do not worry about the Swat Serena hotel rates. You can avail all these facilities in the affordable rates with exclusive arrangements. Let your guests enjoy the business meeting in the complete professional business environment. The Swat Serena hotel Saidu Sharif is the ultimate option for you.

Meeting Room Rentals in Serena Hotel Swat Valley

Function Space Rental or Meeting room rental is an affordable opportunity that gives the opportunity to use the space of the hotel’s meeting room over the time period. All guests are welcomed with the beverages and refreshments. Before finalizing the booking of the meeting room, you can watch the Swat Serena hotel pictures with the Travel Club and personally visit in the hotel. You will love the location of the Serena hotel Swat valley. The availability of the meeting rooms is not possible all the time. Check the availability and go for Serena Swat booking with Travel Club. The

The majority of the people finalize the Serena Swat room rates on the time of booking. This is the wise decision. You can avail the facility of the packages and offers for making your meeting budget-friendly. Your corporate clients can stay in the hotel after the meetings. This facility you can avail as per the business packages. These types of deals make the Serena hotel Swat room rates highly affordable for you. The clients will enjoy their stay in the complete quiet and calm environment that is highly suitable for executives.