A Tour to Biryani City of India

‘DilwalonkiDilli’ has always been a lively city- from shopping, movies, markets, malls, cyber hubs, industries to the busy nightlife. But for a change of mood from this fussy life you can plan a weekend holiday. Hyderabad is the best place in South India to take a tour of. Its charm being the ‘Pearl City’ mesmerises all the tourists across the world. With a vast cultural and traditional aspect it has always attracted the North Indians. So, being a Delhite, if you want to taste the world famous – Hyderabadi Biryani then don’t think a lot, check the Delhi to Hyderabad Flight status and go for it.

The first tourist attraction that comes to mind when you think of Hyderabad is Charminar. It is located in the heart of the city. Mohammed QuliQutub Shah built it in the year 1951. It consists of four minarets  48.7 meters tall. Inside the Charminar, there are 45 prayer spaces and a mosque. Its architecture reflects Cazia style. You can visit here on any of the weekdays between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Ramoji Film City is a very famous film studio where Tollywood, Bollywood & Hollywood movies are made. The Guinness World Record has certified it as the largest studio complex in the world. The visitors get to know about the movies /shows making & creation procedure which is being described here. It was established in 1996 by RamojiRao. Many big studios, countless sets for movies and animation centres are also established here. It is a very fantastic place to visit and feel a little filmy.

Salar Jung Museum has exclusive collections of Indian art, European art, Far Eastern art & Art of the Middle East which is just amazing. It was established in 1951, and its collection includes antiques from various parts of the world.  The museum has the largest personal collection of wood carvings, bronze statues, Indian sculpture, jade carvings, Persian carpets, Chinese porcelain and much more. Most of the collections present here were from Mir Yousaf Ali Khan.  It also has a distinct section for children. It remains open all days except Friday.

A place you cannot afford to miss during your Hyderabad trip is the Golkonda Fort. It was established during the 13th century. The famous Yadava dynasty started its construction, and later it was under the control of many other rulers like the Bahmani dynasty, Kaktatiya dynasty &QutubShahi. Lastly, it got its final shape under Mughals. The name Golkonda has derived from ‘GollaKonda’ meaning Shepherd’s hill. FathehDarwaza, BallaHisar, Royal Palace, etc. are the main attraction points of the fort for any tourist. The fort has an enduring echo effect as the louder you produce the sound, the louder you will get the acoustics. It is a must visiting heritage site of Hyderabad.

And last but not the least -Paradise is the oldest Biryani Restaurant in Hyderabad established in 1953. It is a very popular food junction among foreigners as well as Indian tourist. It has won many awards for the best Biryani. If you are going to Hyderabad then without having the Biryani of this place your tour will not get completed.

These amazing places are just the trailer; the whole film is waiting for you there in the Hyderabad. So, without wasting time check Delhi to Hyderabad flights and pack your bags for the awesome tour.